PIMS helps companies like yours

reduce labor hours, reduce expenses, and increase profit.

PIMS stands for Professional Inventory Management System. It is an advanced Point of Sale System with built-in Accounting, Inventory Management, full GSX Access, and it works on Mac, PC, and is coming soon on iOS.


A fully automated accounting system is fully integrated directly into PIMS, allowing it to act as a combination bookkeeper and accountant. The accounting side of PIMS allows for recurring billing, mailing or emailing statements, assessing finance charges, and more.

  • Accounts Payable: Receiving product updates inventory values. Reconciling purchase orders updates A/P. When it is time to write the check, the bookkeeper knows if the product has been received, whether the price invoiced is the price of the PO, and can update the book cost of inventory values, all at the same time
  • Accounts Receivable: When a terms invoice is posted, A/R is immediately updated. Statements can be sent with or without finance charges. Payments on account can be made either at the store (by non-bookkeeping personnel), or sent to the bookkeeper. Either method updates the customer’s A/R ledger automatically
  • Customer’s A/R is available at all locations, even if the customer shops at multiple locations. This allows taking a payment on account for the customer from any location, regardless of which location created the terms invoice.
  • There is no need to export accounting numbers into a third party accounting package
  • Know where you stand with your vendor lines of credit, bank accounts, and credit cards, all in one place
  • Integration with sales/purchasing allows for checks and balances with allocation of costs and expenses
  • No one-sided entries, everything has to have an off-setting entry to keep the books balanced and in check
  • Incredibly simple checking account reconciliations
  • Simple and easy report that will calculate how much is owed in sales taxes


With over 10,000 total functions available, PIMS reduces labor by integrating intuitive purchasing options and allowing businesses to manage multiple locations easily.  Integrated purchasing, creating Purchase Worksheets, and API functionality are just a few of the functions available–allowing you to easily manage multiple locations and increase profitability.

  • Versatile and customizable bar code labels
  • Inventory holding makes it easier to know what is available to sell at all times and what needs replenishing
  • Serial number management
  • Robust import/export capabilities, which makes it easy to make mass changes when necessary without having to open individual SKUs
  • Sets reorder points so product doesn’t run out, and no time is needed physically reviewing inventory levels in order to know what needs to be ordered
  • Automated purchasing makes it easy to order what is needed.
  • Centralized purchasing allows all backorder and safety stock parts from all locations to be processed at the same time.
  • The purchaser can see inventory levels at all locations, so it can be determined if product needs to be transferred or ordered
  • Part costs are automatically updated across all locations
  • POs are synced to each location so receiving can be done
  • Each location is able to see the On Hand, On Hold, On Order, and In Transit statuses from other locations, for all inventory items. This helps employees determine whether a transfer would be better for a customer rather than placing a backorder. Updates to the MAIN location’s inventory are synced to all locations.


Streamline the service repair order process by creating and processing service orders, without the need to touch GSX.  PIMS talks directly with the GSX API, allowing you to check warranty status, order GSX parts, bulk receive parts, update GSX repairs, reconcile GSX invoices, and more. Those approved for AppleCare Connect will be able to auto-enroll AppleCare directly from PIMS.

  • Point of Sale
  • Quotes and Sales Orders
  • Inventory Control
  • Accounting
  • Purchasing and Receiving
  • RMA Processing
  • Gift Card Processing
  • Customer Management
  • Job Tracking
  • Service and Repair
  • Unlimited Pricing
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Serial and Lot Numbers
  • eCommerce
  • Multi-Location Environment
  • Import and Export
  • Every invoice has an associated sales journal record. As each invoice is posted, income, cost of goods, inventory, un-deposited funds, and sales tax are all updated immediately
  • Take deposits
  • Discount individual line items or the entire invoice
  • Easily see what profit is being made on each sale
  • Create quotes that are time-bound
  • Track all repairs by customer or company
  • Track repair history by serial number
  • Take deposits on repairs before the work is done or parts are ordered
  • Hold items that will be used for repairs so that stock can be replenished without waiting for the repair to be turned into an invoice.
  • Track all communications with customers in one central location
  • Track time spent with customer and bill for the time
  • Schedule follow up calls
  • Track repair history by serial number
  • Take deposits on repairs before the work is done or parts are ordered
  • Hold items that will be used for repairs so that stock can be replenished without waiting for the repair to be turned into an invoice
  • Track all repairs by customer or company
  • Create quotes, orders, and invoices that will flow through the entire system with ease.


Annual Software Maintenance ensures that you are always on the latest version of both 4D and PIMS. 4D Maintenance begins at the beginning of Year 1. PIMS Maintenance begins at the beginning of Year 2. The current version of 4D is v17. The current version of PIMS is Platinum.


  • Onsite Training per employee role – Sales, Service, Purchasing, Inventory Management, Administration, Accounting. 2-3 Trainers for 3 Days, starting 2 days prior to Go-Live
  • Travel and Expenses billed separately. Receipts provided.


The PIMS Remote Controller services are designed to replace or supplementally support existing purchasing, inventory management, and accounting personnel. Services are customized to your specific needs. Whether you just need someone to reconcile GSX invoices, or want to completely replace your bookkeeping or purchasing staff, our PIMS experts can scale to whatever you require. Pricing quoted separately.


Support is available via a ticketing system ( PIMS support professionals respond to tickets via email, chat, or screen sharing sessions. Annual Support Contracts provide unlimited help desk tickets.


  • Onsite Deployment included hardware/network configuration. Server setup, credit card terminals, receipt/label printers, cash drawers, scanners
  • Standard – Customer, Inventory, Vendor, Employee, Category, Chart of Accounts, Opening Income Statement and Balance Sheet Entries, 1 Year of Transactions (Orders/SRO’s) built from exports of existing system(s)
  • Enhanced – Standard Conversion plus historical Transactions from prior years.


PIMS is an On-Premise Server/Client Business Automation Solution with several optional modules, which allow for complete customization for a variety of installations. PIMS uses the data structure provide by 4D (, so both 4D and PIMS Server and Client licenses are required. The licensing model is one of concurrent connections, so the Client App can be installed on any number of computers. Each Client can connect to the server up to the number of Client licenses purchased. Each Server includes 2 Client Licenses.


We have partnered with Crest Capitol to provide a 60-month $1 Buyout Lease option. Lease can include Products, Software Maintenance, Support, Data Conversion, Deployment/Training with no money down. At the end of the lease, you own the software and can optionally choose to continue with Software Maintenance and Support.

Payment Options


You purchase 4D Licenses, Data Conversion, Deployment/Training up front. PIMS Licenses, Software Maintenance (4D and PIMS), Support are included as a monthly subscription. You may use PIMS for as long as the subscription is maintained.


All Products/Services are purchased up front with annual payments for Software Maintenance and Support.